be unprepared.


when an unexpected robot cat rolls up to deliver your dinner and gives you a wink

 just smile and wink back.


“be unprepared. that’s my motto. let life surprise you.”

-marty rubin

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  1. It looks cute however if there is indeed a dining establishment that uses these I do believe I would immediately opt out. I loath those little table top self serve payment terminals. No doubt there would still be a satisfaction survey on the level of robo service… no thanks count me out.

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    • everything else, really, serves food to the table, check in on us, , follow up, refill drinks, offer dessert and coffee, clears, just not carrying over the tray for delivery or empty plates.


  2. I’m with John. I don’t like those tabletop payment things either. Always afraid I’ll screw it up. I want smiling humans who can answer questions along with everything else they do. Customer service is my #1 standard for judging any place of business.

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    • it all goes to the human server, the catbot just is the physical labor of bringing out the dishes and carrying them back to the kitchen after the server clears.


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