dear evan hansen.


watching this very moving play

at the historic fisher theatre

as a story of people

who have always felt outsiders

unheard, unloved, and unseen

plays out before us

in words, in actions, in music

where the audience sits in total silence

and cries.



“Even when the dark comes crashing through,

when you need a friend to carry you and when you are broken on the ground,

you will be found.”

-You Will Be Found, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

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  1. Sounds like a good story, a sad story maybe we can learn from.. glad you were able to see the play, I am going to make a point to watch the movie. Stay well and teach those kiddos to be creative and full of curiosity. Peace.

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  2. Knew nothing of all this, but found this on YT:

    And was moved to tears….. so, so beautiful
    You are one lucky woman
    To have seen this play – I would have been crying through it from beginning to end.

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