attendees stand up comedy show

alan zweibel and laraine newman – old friends from saturday night live

cathy guisewite with her shoe

erma’s grandson sees her selectric typewriter

tried to open my hotel room coffee, attempted to bite it, finally had to stab it with a pen

trouble getting in and out of magic star trek door

always a sure sign of a long night, an abandoned jerky wrapper

“it takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

-erma bombeck





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    • Love to spread the fun, it’s a joy to be surrounded and embraced by people who all want to live a creative life, each in their own way. Ps – I tried biting the coffee package first…)

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    • yes, she was so spot on. as for the door, I kept thinking it was a window and saw people inside and couldn’t figure out how they got in there. I finally had to stand with my face inches from the ‘door’ and it slid open


  1. When I saw the Selectric II I thought, “Oh no, now that’s in a MUSEUM???” I was relieved to know it was a famous writer’s typewriter. And it does take a lot of courage to share your dreams with others, sometimes even to admit them to yourself.

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