tiny tree tour.

bonsai in the autumn
  add the bonsai and penjing garden to your list of color tours this fall.
they may be small, but these little trees have a big impact.
the outdoor garden closes for the season on October 30th.
matthei botanical gardens, ann arbor, michigan, usa – autumn 2022
“the world of bonsai is miniature, but the natural world that it evokes is boundless.”.
-arthur joura, bonsai curator

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  1. One of my favorite things! They can take years of attention and training to create the miniature beauty we see here. And the deciduous ones are just as colorful as their full-size cousins. Loved the photos you shared, Beth!

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  2. The fall colors are wonderful!!
    We have a bonsai garden in Fl as well, but forever green. I didn’t even stop to think that they change colors….. a wonderful perk of living up north.


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