from the heart.


  a child in my class made this drawing

and there is something about 

 the honest simplicity of it 

 eyes wide open to the world

that i absolutely love


“if i create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

– marc chagall

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  1. If we were looking at this picture in an art museum, we wouldn’t have to stand trying to figure out the meaning. We wouldn’t have cock our heads and say, “Hmm.” We wouldn’t have to buy a book interpreting the artist’s life view etc etc.
    We would enjoy the wide eyed simplicity and move on.

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  2. I love children’s drawings. Simple yet meaningful.
    The first rule I was taught in my teacher’s training was, never tell a child what I think the drawing is about. In case I get it wrong and hurt that child’s feelings. Instead, say'” I love your drawing. Please tell me about it.”
    I am amazed by children’s beautiful and meaningful descriptions of their simple drawings.
    Best wishes.

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