of books and brews.


Ann Arbor Book History: “Hold my beer,” 1875.

The Michigan Argus revealed tricks of the trade for preserving books,

one of which involved beer.

Books and brews have always made a great combination .

(note: the closest i’ve come to this is when spilling a beer on a book

and unsure if it actually helped to preserve it)


“books and beer are the best and worst defense.”

-sherman alexie

credits: ann arbor district library, ann arbor book society, the michigan argus

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  1. Yes! Books and beer! Two things I certainly love! Great post Beth! (and Brad, no, do not spill your beer on the portable as it is a waste of beer, it is like drinking and driving, which you should not do as you might hit a bump and spill your drink…) Cheers!

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  2. In his later and more wisend years Sherman amended that theory. β€œbooks and beer are the best and worst defense.” That is if you are keeping chickens. Chickens wander all over and tend to fly over defense. Where upon Sherman headed back to the bar for another beer and some more wisening…

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  3. Hmmmm. Yesterday I spilled my tea onto the ottoman and my (homemade/watercolored by a friend) bookmark. I dried it out on a rack and it’s totally preserved! Just maybe a bit stiffer. So maybe tea works as well as beer. Hmmmm.

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