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  1. One of my dog walking friends surprised me a few years ago. She told me that her son had given up the idea of going to Engineering College, and had taken a job at the local McD instead. I remember saying she must be disappointed, and that he might regret that choice. Now he is a regional manager, still in his twenties, has his own house in Swaffham, and is getting married to a girl he met working in McD. Maybe I was wrong about a career selling burgers and fries?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I am pretty certain I’d be quickly fired once the manager found out how many fries I could stuff in my mouth during one shift. I stopped going to our Mickey Ds when they took the buttermilk chicken tenders off the menu. Just recently, we got a Burger King almost right next door, so I go through their drive thru for my entree and into Mickey D’s drive thru for fries. Best of both worlds!

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  3. I admire that McDonald’s started a campaign saying it is your “best first job”…they have stepped up in terms of salary and benefits – as they needed to do long ago – and for someone just beginning a work career, you could do a lot worse…

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  4. That’s the best first job I’m aware of, but I gave up on their fries years ago (1990) when they took the beef fat out of their recipe. Used to get my burger at one place and then go to Mickey D’s for fries.

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  5. I like to think each of us (people, though, not stores or restaurants) is world famous in our own little worlds. Which counts for a lot. So if one of us is working at some place, whatever it may be …. it’s world famous!!

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  6. Everyone has to start somewhere. One of my first jobs was at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was significant in that it taught me I didn’t want a job like that for the rest of my life.

    I am curious about the 14-15-year-old employees. I know you can be responsible at that age, but I wonder what they can do legally.

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