to raisin, or not to raisin? that is the question.


on the very first day

of my new and improved

healthy eating and exercise initiative

a rogue chocolate-covered raisin

emerged from hiding

 under a blanket on my sofa

where it had quietly sat

lying in wait

for me to discover it

i stopped


 knowing this tiny temptation

was a test

 oh, what a test

who would know

just one

 practically a fruit and coffee/cacao product

dark chocolate and fruit are both good for my heart

who cares if there’s a bit of blanket fuzz on it

that’s just added fiber

could this be the gateway

to a slice of triple-layer chocolate cake or velveta-laden nachos?

not today, fuzzy amazing hidden chocolate-covered raisin, not today.

the struggle is real.

i looked to the writers to seek their wisdom

they have a difference of opinion on this.

are you on team wilde or team emerson when it comes to temptation?

“i can resist everything except temptation.”

-oscar wilde

“we gain the strength of the temptation we resist.”

-ralph waldo emerson

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  1. I am forever grateful for blanket fuzz, carpet fuzz, and fallen-out hair. They have given me the strength to throw out many a suddenly found nugget of sweetness after I consider instead of putting said nugget in my mouth. I applaud your ability to not give in to a similar temptation!

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  2. As much as I admire Emerson, this vote clearly goes for the Wilde team….. and don’t think I ‘ll be raisin to such a dirty temptation. A bit of grubby moldy extra coating only makes the stomach stronger!

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  3. btw, this is an excellent piece of story telling. Congrats 👏🏻
    But who in their right mind begins a ‘cure’ shortly before Christmas? Regrets have no right to arrive before January 7th….

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