the city of ypsilanti, only 7 miles from ann arbor

home of eastern michigan university

 was named for greek patriot, general demetrus ypsilanti,

a heroic figure in the battle the Greeks were fighting against Turkish tyranny

– a struggle for freedom that many Americans likened to our own.

but there has been another long-fought struggle at work here-

as people have endlessly tried to spell the city’s name correctly

the post office has worked tirelessly to decipher and deliver mail in the city

 i’ll bet even the general has had his name misspelled more than a few times over the years


“my spelling is wobbly. It’s good spelling but it wobbles,

and the letters get in the wrong places.”

s.s. milne


source: washtenaw literacy, the daily times archives, 1904

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  1. some words are just difficult to spell…. as a kindergarten teacher I am sure you have seen some very creative spellings and interesting use of letters to form words. I see it all too often as a sixth grade science teacher and I use those same word construction skills every time I play Wordle. Are you back at school yet? We restart Monday the 9th.

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  2. That’s a tricky one! Even though I love to write but spelling has always been a challenge for me and Winnie! Thank God for spell check. Except for that time I was trying to thank someone for a lovely comment and somehow the word spank showed up. And you can’t edit. Mortifying. Great post, hugs, C

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