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the city of ypsilanti, only 7 miles from ann arbor

home of eastern michigan university

 was named for greek patriot, general demetrus ypsilanti,

a heroic figure in the battle the Greeks were fighting against Turkish tyranny

– a struggle for freedom that many Americans likened to our own.

but there has been another long-fought struggle at work here-

as people have endlessly tried to spell the city’s name correctly

the post office has worked tirelessly to decipher and deliver mail in the city

 i’ll bet even the general has had his name misspelled more than a few times over the years


“my spelling is wobbly. It’s good spelling but it wobbles,

and the letters get in the wrong places.”

s.s. milne


source: washtenaw literacy, the daily times archives, 1904

You’re supposed to be using your gifts and fulfilling your dreams, at every age. – Victoria Moran


great evening at the tap room, a classic no-frills, neighborhood bar in nearby ypsilanti


i went there with a family whose sons i’ve taught and stayed close to as they’ve grown.


the night was organized by alex and his wife who own the ann arbor music center

and the rock band school for children and musicians of all ages


alex is a powerful musician in his own right, who plays, teaches, and builds guitars.



he works with local businesses and festivals to give his young bands a chance to play real gigs around town. 

on this night, the place was standing room only, kids sat in front of the stage, and musician, theo katzman

stopped by to support the kids in the bands, and sat with the young fans on the floor. 


a’s band was amazing. everyone in it is 9-10 years old and played their hearts out.

a is on keyboards and his beloved teacher played with them and is the vocalist.

 tonight we heard them play green day, cheap trick, and beatles.

and it was a musical wonder. 

there were photogs, and fans, and musicians, and families, and joy all around. 

and the kids were so proud.

but none was so proud as alex.