sweet dreams.


sweet dreams, by szuba 

chase your dreams on national dream day, celebrated annually on march 11.

the holiday was created to make everyone, both old and young,

realize that they can build and go after their dreams.

what dream of yours has come true?

“if the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.”

-rene magritte

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  1. This sounds so very corny – being a mom, first and foremost. I swear I think I was born anticipating mom-hood. I achieved far more than I imagined in the professional arena, but that kind of success I never dreamed of having – I just wanted to be able to afford enough so that I wouldn’t need to deny my sons of the essentials, let alone the extraneous things that children want or need (divorced with two children under the age of 5). New dreams are made all the time – and I’m superstitious enough not to say them aloud. Reminds me of a song from my tweenhood “dreams are nothing more than wishes/and a wish is what you dream to come true’.

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  2. Just last weekend, I found the first bullfrog in my seventy-plus years. I’ve been dreaming of finding one since I started following Steve Gingold and his frog Fridays, and there it was. It’s photo is on Lagniappe, and I must say, it’s a handsome one.

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  3. I have several dreams most nights (I wake up to use the bathroom about every 2 hours while sleeping). I don’t remember them in great detail come morning, but what I do recall is that, 99% of the time, my dreams include people from my past who don’t know each other in real life being together with me in (usually) some kind of work setting. They aren’t scary, just really strange!

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  4. I dreamed of living by the sea and now I do, but getting back to basics… when I was a teenager I couldn’t imagine participating in real life, not a successful career, just a home with a husband and a family. I never did get the successful career, but I do have three children, four grandchildren and a nice home. Until I was widowed I had a happy marriage as well. What more could anyone want, of course I could still dream about being a successful author…

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  5. Didn’t know about this special day; but pay a great deal to dreams. When small, I had many dreams that were reality (twice I woke in the night after a vivid and clear dream, I went in the kitchen and found my parents in tears telling me that such and such person – which I didn’t even know but was able to tell them in detail about) had died and that they just learned about it! I often had dreams involving me saving my siblings, from crocodiles under our beds to finding them in hidings they couldn’t get out of, etc. When I dreamed night after night about my ex dyeing in a bicycle or ski accident, falling off to his death in the mountains, I KNEW I had to divorce him….. and much more.
    Then, interestingly, with my 2nd husband, the conscious dreaming stopped completely – now I daydream mostly 😉

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