time flies.


and yet again

we find ourselves caught up

in the dance

of ‘daylight savings time’

as we

readjust once more

are we early

are we late

are we on time

whose time are we on

no one is quite sure.

“the trouble is, you think you have time.”


image credit: ‘silhouettes’ by harry finder

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  1. It feels like we just fiddled with the clocks and already we’re fiddling with them again. I pretty much kept my sleep schedule on DST, and even for me, the clock change this morning feels a little weird.


  2. I’m fiercely (and with no hope of this happening, ever!) opposed to winter time! We call it summer- and winter-time and we will switch on March 26th. I personally love summer time but in general, everybody prefers ‘normal’ time (what we call winter time) and claim that cows aren’t ‘built’ to be milked at varying day times, that with the time change more energy is used by additional heating vs saving energy by needing less lighting etc….. it will come however. Not all countries in Europe agree on the modalities so it’s – once again – a political decision rather than a ‘considerate’ one.

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  3. I feel like the oddball about this somewhat archaic custom. I know some folks are thrown off by the time change (physically and mentally). I’m not being dismissive of their feelings, but at the same time, it’s hard for me to understand how much attention this gets. Life is a constant struggle to adapt to one thing or another. Do people feel the same level of angst when they cross into another time zone?

    I’m more like, oh, the time changed? Spring forward or fall back? I get more worked up about other things like the pitiful state of our health care system.

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  4. I went to bed earlier last night to help with the change. Or should I have stayed up later? I dunno. I’ve been trying to teach the dog not to wake me up, or at least to wake me up later. This morning he didn’t bother me. I’ve no idea what that means!

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  5. I love the Buddha comment at the end! Priceless! The poems that preceded it was great with the image as well. So, all told, it almost made it worth losing an hour on Sunday. (That hour was part of the time my son was at camp, so, that is a lot more valuable hour than it usually would be.)

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