bridge mix.


when we were growing up

our mom would buy bridge mix

for when she had company coming over

 my sibs and i

would quietly sift through and pick out all of our favorite pieces

leaving the rest

we each chose our favorites

until there were not many left at all

i think we left my mother

the giant nuts covered in chocolate and perhaps a cream or two

probably no one’s favorites

 we just couldn’t help ourselves

reasoning out if we each only took a few

no one would notice

but the math was not on our side

nor was our mother, in this case.

bridge mix info: (you never know when you will need this info):

bridge mix:  consisting of nuts, fruits, and cremes, covered in milk and dark chocolate.

Brach’s is the major US producer of Bridge Mix. Hershey Canada sells it under the name “Bridge Mixture.”

Bridge Mix was formed mainly when the former employee of Hershey Foods dropped the candies from six conveyor belts on a foot bridge. The bridge was used in the plant to repair equipments and was made to tilt to remove the fallen candies. The candies were then placed in big containers around the facility and the staff was allowed to have candies from the “Bridge Mix”. The Bridge mixture was then given a formal name of “Bridge Mix” by the new management. It has also been found that the name “Bridge Mix” comes from the game of cards, “Bridge” since Bridge matches have been considered notorious for getting snacks and candies on the tournament tables.

“one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”

-iris murdoch


source credits: brach’s candy company, hershey’s canada,

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  1. Once again, thank you for the memories, Beth! I would eat all contributions to the Bridge Mix as a kid, though the raisin-covered were my favorite, followed by the peanut and the crème came in last but there was no least.

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  2. Beth, I love the story and the Iris Murdoch quote. Maybe you might want to consider giving me a post during May. Each May I post stories about mothers, grandmothers, and women friends from other bloggers. Along with the story comes a recipe and a photo if possible. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bridge mix from Brachs or Hersheys. I am a huge fan of See’s bridge mix. I noticed the other day that my favorite grocery store sells a version of it in their bulk bins. It’s a great choice because there is something in it for everyone!

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  4. Brach’s bridge mix was always on the table when my mom’s bridge club met. Each table had two bowls of bridge mix and two bowls of salted nuts. And, yes: picking out the favorites while mom’s back was turned was common!

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  5. Did anyone really like the cream-filled? As I recall, everyone skipped those. (They usually had a hole poked in the bottom where some kid was checking to see what the filling was.) Like others, I’ve always thought the mix was named after the card game.

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  7. One of your many fab fun stories. thank you so much. i only know bridge as a game. i do like to play but never had partners who did and my family with whom we played often, is strewn about everywhere. i never learned to play bridge however. i’d love to.

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