morning detail.


when you start the day

by adding the soup broth instead of the almond milk

into your morning coffee

you know that your spring break is truly over.Β 

‘the detail is as important as the essential is. when it is inadequate, it destroys the whole outfit.”

-christian dior

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  1. oh great, that’s me (not with same products!)…. Being near blind stuff like this happens all the time. Not something to get upset about though. Just make another coffee! That’s surely what you did, while searching for that great Dior quote… made me laugh out loud. Have a beautiful day.

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  2. I drink my coffee black. Husband makes it the night before. Poured my coffee one morning and didn’t realize he had forgotten to put coffee in the maker. Tasted a bit like hot water.
    He never made that mistake again! 😦

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  3. Just the other day I put the non-dairy creamer in my cereal instead of the Almond Breeze. I chalked it up to my “one new thing a day when getting old routine.”


  4. Oh boy, Beth! I get it! Lol! I once put preparation h on my toothbrush~morning detail that’s NEVER been repeated. lol! Here’s to morning mix-ups! You make life fun, Beth!


  5. You have company. I added spaghetti sauce (a lot of it) to my taco soup recipe instead of salsa last week. Same problem as you had. Similar containers. Gotta keep it focused in my old age!


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