yet to ask.


just booked my next adventure

off to the rainforest in costa rica

104 days from now.

they had me at

coffee, monkeys, trees, water, the unknown, and chocolate.

“the rainforests hold answers to questions we have yet to ask.”

-mark plotkin

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  1. Beth! I’m peanut butter and jealous! It’s on my bucket list! For many years! I may have squealed when I read this. Please please if you hold a baby monkey give him/her a squeeze for me.🥰

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  2. I happy someone gets to experience all that wonder and glad it’s not me. Chocolate sounds inviting, it’s the unknown and the heat that say my sofa will do for my kind of exploring. Vicariously. 😉 You’ll take photos, of course.

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  3. Oh Beth..I am so envious of your trip to Costa Rica..a place I’ve been dreaming to go to for a very long time! Not knowing quite where to go, stay, etc. has held us back from booking the trip. When you get time, would you mind e-mailing me with a few details of your trip..such as where you will stay? It’s so overwhelming to plan a trip when you don’t even know where to start. I guess that’s the beauty of tours but we’d kind of like to go on our own.
    You have inspired me to take up this dream again. 🙂

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  4. Costa Rica is so lush and the sounds and colorful parrots make you feel like you are in a unique territory. The sunsets are gorgeous and the beaches wonderful. You will love it! It’s great that you are going with a tour which will likely take you to fascinating discoveries about the country. It’s also great that you still have lots of time to read up on Costa Rica and perhaps some of its famous writers. xxx

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