sow the seeds.


The image of the child musician crying was classified as one of the most emotional photographs of modern history. This photo was taken of a 12-year-old Brazilian boy (Diego Frazzo Turkato), playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from the environment of poverty and crime in which he lived.

In this image, humanity speaks with the strongest voice in the world:

“Cultivate love and kindness in a child to sow the seeds of compassion. And only then you will build a great civilization, a great nation “.  – dalai lama

credits: Photographer: Marcos Tristao

“what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?”

-jean-jacque rousseau

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  1. I first thought about the waste of talent that still remains out there, somewhere, to be rescued from poverty and crime.
    Then I thought …. forget about any talent. Every child in an environment of poverty and crime deserves to be rescued.

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  2. I‘m all with you. In my humble opinion Music (and singing) is the most powerful healer in this world. I often can‘t sing because of tears of emotion and don‘t see when I play because the music and its message move me so much that I cry while playing/singing. This picture made me teary, exactly for the reason it stated. My voice breaks regularly at emotional events, and I cannot imagine what went on in this boy‘s soul when he played at his teacher‘s funeral.

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  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one hits the mark. My goodness. Your quotations echo how important the message is. Everyone should be moved by this photo and the story behind it. I am!

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