lose your head.


a cinco de mayo

public service motivational reminder:

some days you just lose your head.

(but there’s always at least one mini tootsie roll still up in there)


“it’s a lot easier to lose your head than to keep it.”

– suzanne collins

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  1. It is only recently that I heard about Pinatas. Now you can buy them in England, often portraying leading politicians that you can happily bash away at.
    Another import from across the Atlantic that we never knew we needed, like baseball caps. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. As a kid, I hated the pinata birthday parties because I always felt sorry for the donkey (which I guess is called a burro). Too violent for me! ;-0 On the other hand, I’m very glad my head is attached to my neck. When I start thinking too much, I could easily lose it.

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  3. I have a funny Cinco de Mayo memory from school worth retelling. One of the third-grade teachers decided to do a pinata with her class as part of the day’s festivities. The teacher’s boyfriend was helping by raising and lowering the pinata from a basketball hoop. Child after child was blindfolded and took turns swinging with a baseball bat. Somehow the pinata withstood each blow. Finally, the kids encouraged their teacher to take a turn. She turned into Babe Ruth and took a healthy cut, promptly hitting her boyfriend in the head. It was a glancing blow, but he had to go to ER. The following week I asked her how he was doing.

    Her response shocked me. “I don’t know. We broke up.” I’m sorry for what happened to the guy, but that’s about the best break-up story ever.

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