long distance connection.



how exciting for the class (and for me)

to receive a beautiful poster and message

from our penpal friends

led by a blogging friend/teacher i admire, jennie fitzkee

all the way from the aqua room in massachusetts

connections can be made in so many wonderful ways.

jennie with  the letter we sent back to our friends in massachusetts


“with a little paper and ink –

and some help from the postal service –

friendship can span many years and many miles.”

-caroline rose kraft

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  1. You/we may never know the consequences of this outreach. But it can only help to bring harmony to a world in much need of it. The future does depend on our children. And the children depend on their teachers. Well done.

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  2. Good lord I didn’t see the period after “child” because I’m on my phone and, for a few baffled moments, my mind went in an unpleasant direction. Zooming in righted everything. …What a neat experience for the kids. So glad to hear pen pals still exist.

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  3. I also am the proud owner of one of those letters from The Aqua Room. This is such a wonderful thing to teach kids. Way to go Jennie, Ritu, and Beth!

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