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glen frey the cat not the rockstar

has been rescued by me

twice now

both times from precarious situations

he was always very skittish and fearful of most everything

probably based on the traumatic experiences he’d been through


after the second time

he suddenly

became very affectionate

and clearly decided

that it was important

to remind me of this

each morning around 3:30

he does this in a way

that there can be no doubt

 jumping on my bed

nuzzling/pummeling me with his head

kneading everything he can find

purring loudly

circling around me

and somehow it feels like he is

an giant octopus nudging me to wake up with his head and eight hands

until i am sufficiently awake

then he finally settles in

laying on my feet

with what feels like an immovable 237 pounds or so of pure cat muscle

and promptly goes to sleep

snoring and in deep r.e.m.

maybe he thinks we are on guard duty and need to take shifts?

who needs an alarm?

“i read that when cats are cuddling and kneading you, and you think it’s cute,

they’re really just checking your vitals for weak spots.”

-kandyse mcClure

finding a home for the holidays.



two aussie grandies

heads topped with bouncing blonde hair

all settled into their new home in america

go out and rescue

rwo smooth black velvet-covered cats

who were waiting and hoping

 to settle into their own new home

and soon 

they all share a space


it is

very comfortable and warm

for all of them

just in time

for christmas.

people who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around. ~susan easterly

one must love a cat on its own terms – paul gray


imageGot a call that I was being stood up


a planned movie date

with my friend

        who was called

to attend

a memorial

for a cat she helped to care for

                              one who acted like a mean tyrant bully

believing she was a lion

dominant and demanding of her people

and her fellow cat


who is

so sweet and loving

to feed the lion

meant traveling

down the hall


a protective shield

of cardboard

and with


backup person

lest there be

a sneak attack

an ambush

and now

the lion

was gone


it was to be

                                           a cheesecake, tea, and fruit party

a wake complete with stories and memories and kind words

a gathering of everyone

who had helped care for her over the years

who had ever crossed paths with her

who had owned cats

who had loved and lived with cats

and my friend was left stumped

about what to say

what kind words

could she conjure up?

and she noticed


the surviving cat

sitting on the window sill

purring and sunning

and licking

the cheesecake

off of her front paws.

‘She clawed her way into my heart and

wouldn’t let go of it.’

– missy altijd