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so much.



*(luckily i caught this very important instruction just in the nick of time)


“everybody gets so much information all day long

that they lose their common sense.”

– gertrude stein 

not that common.


are you familiar with the saying “common sense is not that common”?

celebrate this rarely used quality on november 4, common sense day.

the date coincides with the birth date of actor will rogers

who was thought to have coined this phrase.

how to celebrate?
well, what can be said?

use your common sense to celebrate this unofficial holiday.

did you know…

…that thomas paine wrote a pamphlet called common sense in 1776?

in it, he drew out the need for independence of

the 13 british colonies in north america from britain.

the pamphlet is thought to have inspired the american revolution.

i wish that the celebration of common sense

would carry over to november 8th,

our upcoming election day in the united states.

credits: timeanddate.com