so close, and yet so farr…



thanks jamie farr, for supporting our mud hens

as they pulled it off in the ninth inning last night.

tonight we can tie up this epic series in the final game,

and show writer/rival mark

who’s who in this minor league showdown in toledo.

and i’ll be there to cheer them on.

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    • it’s a bit of a spiderweb – jamie, of mash fame, grew up in toledo ohio, and was a very loyal fan and supporter of the city, the aaa baseball minor league farm team, the mud hens (detroit tigers farm team of up and comers), and the local restaurant, tony packo’s. hope this helps clear things up a bit lgs )


  1. Such fun! I’m afraid I’ve left Mark in a bit of a ‘funk’ as I’m rooting for your Mud Hens – just the name alone warrants a following don’t cha think?!? GOOD LUCK!!!! 🙂 ~Karen~


  2. I must applaud you, Beth, for saving this photo for the big-funs, er, guns artillery before game eight.

    It is a great shot.

    Have a fun time in Toledo.

    Oh, what a series this has been.


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