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love of beauty is taste. the creation of beauty is art. – ralph waldo emerson



it is art fair time once again

and we start out strong

babies v and r bouncing along

and hoping all our wishes come true

wandering through the streets

seeing all the colors

and people

and dogs with hats

and statues that move

and twirly

and painty

and beautiful

shiny things

and dancers

swaying and bending

and smelling

the spicy kabobs

and licking

the sugar


the elephant ears



 drums booming



all kinds of everything.

and then

it is time for a break

on the diag

a quiet oasis

right in the middle of it all


with a bottle and a blanket and a weary smile


and with the hug of a tree

much bigger than me

and then

IMG_1387 you reach your limit

and you find

your very own

secret and happy place


your hopeful wish


to go home

once again.

timing has a lot to do with art.

– ll cool j

 artist credit- bruce reinfield

once upon a time…..

Standard“if you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

if you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

― albert einstein

sometimes, bad days are there to remind you that you have good ones to look forward to. – author unknown


IMG_0121like the day

you stood on the upside-down water table

with your beloved blankie and pacifiier all dirty

a bandaid on your scraped-up foot

mosquito bites itching

an empty bug net

and a turtle with a snapped-off tail nearby

 you can’t find your shoes

your diaper is wet

 you’re tired

and your shorts are all twisted-up.

and then –



it is the next day

and the sun is shining


you have a fancy cocktail

right in front of you


floating fruit cut in shapes

a special bendy straw

and you are standing

at a table just your size

with your fancy red shirt on

and your smile

is as big as the universe


in an instant

all is well with the world

once again.

here’s to you, baby j, as you continue to persevere

and find your way through the world, even after the tough days.

you are a model for all of us.


the smallest feline is a masterpiece. – leonardo da vinci



and we have added to our family once again.

this handsome fellow,

a flyweight

weighing in at just 8 pounds

and 8 years old

has lived a hard life

first on his own


on the mean streets

with scars, and cuts, and ruffled fur

then with a family

who may not have fully appreciated his charms

and he was sent away

to spend his days in a small cage

 with nothing but an uncertain future

and a short timeline ahead

but he has persevered

against all odds.

and when we walked into the shelter

and he reached


a tiny ginger paw

out of his cell

to wave to us

and called out

with a little voice

we knew

he had been waiting a long time

to meet us

just as

we had been waiting a long time

to meet him.


and when

we carried him into the cottage


was instantly transformed


the most affectionate and gentle cat

we have ever met

and knew that he was home at last.


(he has been lovingly named nacho, and he is the furry one with the orange hair.)

too many cooks make a fine soup


how do

a dozen adults plus teenagers, toddlers, babies and dogs

all in one kitchen

end up with a perfect meal?


m and j actively working on their teamwork skills

as the fine web

of family connections

spins and grows

the communal vacation kitchen

thrives and glows.


“in the long history of humankind…

those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

~ charles darwin

a child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~author unknown



how many minnows are in there?

what’s that thing?

is that place far away?

how many different colors are in there?

where did the sun go?

why is that bigger than my head?

who’s turn is it?

sittin’ on a dock on a bay…..


on glen lake up north in michigan

“and at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.” — shanti


1470269_10152615497611694_1308576953840277441_n a windy day

at empire beach

on lake michigan

by sleeping bear dunes


and we have taken the family circus on the road and headed up north



under the big top in glen arbor, michigan

familycircusbillypath there’s always lots of action in all 3 rings


and then,

we relax and look ahead to another adventure tomorrow


Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going,

don’t take anything too seriously,

it’ll all work out in the end.

David Niven

 animated image credit: bil keane