after working hard all day
without taking a break to eat
 tired and hungry and looking for the easy way out
i decided to just drive through the closest place
to get food to eat on my way home
 trying to eat something healthy
 was a quite a challenge based on the menu
ordered a small wrap without sauce and unsweetened iced tea
they repeated my order to me
i confirmed it and paid
got my order
slipped back into traffic and headed off
only to quickly discover
much to my dismay
they had actually
added extra sauce, a sugary fake honey mustard sort of thing to my wrap
and poured me a fully-sugared iced tea
was this a trick?
had i asked for my order in some other language that i was unaware of ?
did yes actually mean no?
was i a horrible communicator?
did i appear to need a sugar boost?
too tired and too much traffic to go back
but one of us in the equation was clearly confused
and perhaps both.
“the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

-george bernard shaw

image credit: pinterest


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  2. I’ve said of a couple of places of employment: “We have no communication problem here. We have no communication to have a problem with.”

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  3. I think the person who filled your order gave you what SHE wanted, not what you wanted. And I think that’s what happens a lot in communication. People hear what THEY WANT TO HEAR, not what is expressed….

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  4. One of the tantalising aspects of blogging is that it brings you into contact with people whose thoughts and values seem so very interesting to you, and you wish you actually knew them in person. You are one of those people for me, and I always love reading your posts 🙂

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    • yes, you never know, kind of like when you used to get a ‘happy meal’ as a child, you never knew what the toy would be, or even if there would be one in there )


  5. I think it’s the object of any fast-food restaurant to get your order completely wrong. Order a plain cheeseburger, you’ll get twice as much mustard and ketchup. Ask for one packet of something (mayonnaise, grape jelly, etc.), you’ll get a bagful of it.

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      • 😀
        Oh, and my one year relationship bit the dust, since he has canceled two times when very late (at 8 on!) Twice on Saturday nights. Once in May, other in June. Since few people here will come from one blog to another, I am posting here. My email is not really able to access on my phone. Too much data in pictures!! Lol

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  6. imho: Most fast-food workers are not paid enough money to care very much. And since you drove thru, you probably would not be in a position to complain to them. In my very infrequent drive-thru trips, I learned (the hard way, of course) to always double check my order before driving off. It has saved a rumbling stomach. And carry emergency granola bars & oranges in one’s vehicle.

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