give what you have.


found this sweet surprise

waiting for me in my mailbox

a very old tiny sleigh with a handwritten letter

from a neighbor i’ve never met

who’s lived nearby for over 50 years

she left it for me to add to my fairy garden

when the season is right

she took the trouble to repaint the sleigh

and write me this lovely note

wanting to visit the garden

but too shy to stop by to see it up close

it was such a kind and thoughtful gesture

i wanted to thank her and figured out where she lived

then wrote her a long letter back

to let her know

how much i enjoyed her special gift

and what it meant to me

i really hope that we meet in person in my garden one day.

“give what you have. to someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”
― henry wadsworth longfellow

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  1. How wonderful! You must meet! How does she know of your fairy garden if you’ve never met? Has she seen it in passing? Sounds like a must meet up! Please do and tell us about! 🙂

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    • It is in the garden near the end of my driveway, people walking down the sidewalk can see it and they often stop by the garden for a visit. I love seeing them out there- sometimes they take a little stone or sparkle and sometimes they leave things. It’s a garden created for everyone to enjoy )

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  2. I think it is lovely when something so wonderful comes our way like this, so unexpected and yet really heartwarming 🙂 I hope that you do have the opportunity of meeting your neighbour in the festive garden of friendship. I love the idea of the notes too 🙂

    Andro xx

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