driving down the highway

i came upon this truck filled with fun

and wondered where exactly it was headed.

“i was sure that somewhere a grandiose carnival

was going on in the sky,

and I was missing it.”

-eve babitz


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  1. You can’t beat a good carnival atmosphere, hey I hope you were able to find out its destination? 🙂 How do you mean why? Well I thought that we might all go over there for a bit, fun times are always high on my list you know 😉 Have a super Tuesday my dear friend and thank you so much for visiting me when I was out of town, I am back now, but wow this place has changed quite a bit 🙂 lol


    Andro xx

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  2. I always ask myself the same question when I see something like that. I lived in a small coastal town when I was a boy and the carnival or “Fair” as we called it, arriving for two weeks in the summer was one of the year’s high spots. I can still almost taste the candy floss we used to buy on our way home !!

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