i love cinnamon.


‘i love cinnamon and baking with my mom.’ – h

 class bakery day

 the children worked

very hard

over the last few weeks


about bread

about baking

how sharing bread is a way to welcome others

 every culture makes and eats and shares bread

listened to books about bread and baking

practiced ‘baking’ with play-dough

baked real lemon bread at school

baked breads at home

bought breads at the store

made signs and decorated tables

learned about buying and selling using pennies

gave other classes pennies

that they had to ‘earn’ by working in their rooms

invited other classes, faculty, staff, and families

to come to our room for a big bakery event

said they would give pennies or free bread

to anyone who had no money or food

families supported their efforts

making this day so special

 everyone went home

very full, very tired, very happy.

the bakery in full swing

“anyone who gives you a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven is a friend for life.”

-daniel handler

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  1. This is SO TOUCHING, made me swallow a lump in my throat. That is exactly as it should be, children learn, are being taught and learn to share, buy and sell, be kind, pay forward and be GENEROUS without expecting anything back….. And it’s not only the children, but everybody – which sadly isn’t always the case.

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  2. Came for the cinnamon – stayed for this incredible model for learning and loving and sharing. If this world will be cared for by these children, I want to live to 100 to see it. Love this isn’t strong enough to say here, beth.

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