yet one more.



that surprising and wonderful moment

when you discover

there is yet one more unread book

written by one of your favorite authors

hiding in plain sight

waiting for you to pick it up.


“books are for nothing but to inspire”
– ralph waldo emerson

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  1. Dahl is one of my many favourite writers and right now (dare I say it?) I’m for at least the 2nd time reading his slim volume BOY, Tales of a Childhood which sits peacefully in a narrow bookshelf in our bathroom. This says nothing at all about the quality of the books but consists strictly of ‘small, slim, easy reading’ – and it stands there because we simply haven’t got the space for ALL my remaining books. I have all his books and love his writing, both for children and adults. And I like his sometimes quite vicious mind, it’s so very human and he has nothing to hide! HAD nothing to hide….

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