no mo’ venmo.



coming up on the 4-month mark

of an ongoing battle with venmo

can’t even begin to tell the story in short form

 truly the perfect storm of events.

after talking, live chatting, and e-mailing

landon, santiago, elizabeth, miguel, ren, sacha, and abby

i won’t say which low-budget model above

most resembles me in the match

but i will say there is no doubt i am winning.


i wonder if team venmo is posting a blog today

with our pictures

saying there is no doubt they are winning.

“i don’t like customer service because i don’t believe the customer should have to pay and help out too.”

-jarod kintz


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  1. I am not sure they are posting to their blog about how they are winning, but I did notice they have you outnumbered. If need be, tag me in and I will go a couple rounds for you! It is amazing what it takes to get a little customer service anymore. Stay strong and never give in!

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  2. I don’t know much about Venmo, except that it seems to be a kind of Paypal. I do know enough that I laughed when I saw this ‘painted’ on the windows of a car in our tourist area recently: “Lisette’s Back! Venmo her a drink!” Then, there was a phone number or such. It seemed a not-so-good idea to me, but I’m old and cautious.

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  3. I’ve used Zelle once or twice. A great convenience at the time. Never tried Venmo. Haven’t had to try their customer service, but to me that’s almost more important than the product itself. You want my patronage? Give me memorable customer service and I’m yours for life.

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  4. I purposely arrive late to the game on new services and technology so they can work out all the kinks before I get their, or it dies and gets replaced and I’m never the worst for wear because I didn’t depend on it. I spent 15 years in Customer Service. The hardest part about being in Customer Service is when you are not supported by the company. You get yelled at all day long by frustrated customers and the company won’t give you the tools or information needed to help them. I worked in a store that was shutting down, but we weren’t allowed to tell the customers we were shutting down. Of course they were frustrated because we no longer carried what they wanted and couldn’t tell them when it would be back in stock. (Which was never.)

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  5. I already liked you, Beth, but you just went up to the top floor with this post. I’m a nice guy, usually mild-mannered, but if some company crosses me, my hair (what little there is) stands on edge. I’m the guy customer service (what a misnomer that is) dreads. I’m reading Melanie’s letter above, and I remind myself that the poor folks that have to pass on the news are not the ones to take our frustrations out on. We’d be driving home, and my son would say, “I feel a strongly worded letter coming on.” 🤣

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    • I understand customer service doesn’t have a lot of control over what can happen, more frustrating when a supervisor says I’ve never had anything like this before and you can only communicate with us by live chat or email.

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