why did the chicken cross the road?


because of this^

 looking for the perfect gift for someone who has a pet chicken? look no further.

(if i had a pet chicken

i would let it run free and just lounge around

unless it wanted to go on long walks with me.)

Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size with 6ft Matching Leash – Adjustable, Resilient, Comfortable, Breathable, Large Size, Suitable for Chicken Weighing About 6.6 Pound ,Pink

4.2 out of 5 stars


  • EASY TO ADJUST – ENSURE A COMFY FIT: Our chicken harnesses are truly adjustable and easy to wear. Adjust the size to your needs to make sure your chickens are 100% comfy no matter what. No more feeling uncomfortable. You will not worry that the chicken will get rid of harness when walking the chicken at street.
  • MADE TO LAST – ULTRA RESILIENT FABRIC: Boasting a durable, breathable and reinforced mesh fabric, this pet leash and harness set can stand everyday wear and tear. No more seams coming loose and stitching falling apart. We’ve got you covered.
  • We give three colors of bow ties for each Chicken Harness: You can match it with the color you like when walking the chicken. which makes it more personalized and become the focus! A storage bag as gift: it not only holds chicken harness. but also accommodates the articles such as keys, coins, and lipsticks.

“i dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.” -ralph waldo emerson

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  1. A funny fun post. 🙂

    We harness a lot of animals including children and usually to keep them safe.
    Then I thought of those invisible harnesses we put on others. The harness of shame/blackmail/embarrassment/control/slavery. Others?

    Sorry! Feeling a bit serious and sober. 😦

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    • Agree with that, I’d rather just let chickens happily cluck around in peace,but there must be some people looking to walk with their pets. Interesting about the quote,I found it attributed to him as well


      • My experience over the past two decades has taught me that if a bunch of websites attribute a quotation to a person but not one of them ever gives any further information—the occasion when it was said, the book or article it was originally published in, etc.—then in most cases the person did not really say it. Some of the main people to whom quotations get wrongly attributed are Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Confucius.

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  2. I remember when you could get harnesses like that for toddlers. There is a photo somewhere of me in one. I wasn’t very happy. I am guessing chickens would feel the same way. Makes me wonder what an unhappy chicken would look like.

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  3. I immediately forwarded this to my husband and daughters asking if we should get several so we could take our chickens for a walk. We would certainly be the talk of the neighborhood. (And I was joking. This is so silly but funny!) 🙂

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