the kinder work together to bake loaves of sweet lemon bread

to sell to their older learning partners

 practicing for the big bakery the next day

when there will be many different breads 

 their families will be the customers

everything will cost 1 cent

 if someone is hungry and doesn’t have any money

they will give them a penny and a piece of bread for free.

everyone eats bread.

“cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking.

it’s about harnessing, imagination, environment, and creativity.”

-guy fieri

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  1. What a wonderful lesson in building from a recipe, sharing with others for a more-than-fair price, and feeding those who have less. I’m so inspired by the unique way you teach your kinders life lessons!

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  2. Bread is the go to food when I am hungry. Cooking/baking has so many steps to it. Planning/Gathering Supplies/Executing the Plan/Evaluating the Result/Cleaning up the Mess — for a few

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