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thirty minutes.


each of our faculty members

were allowed to go into their room alone for 30 minutes

during that time we could take

whatever we imagined we might need

to teach school — for the rest of the year.

walking into my building, it was silent

 i saw the ‘welcome back to the sun’ and ‘happy spring’ artwork

my class had created for the hall

expecting to be back soon after our spring break

walking into my classroom

it was sad

left as it was back in mid-march

memories, things undone, things i wish i could still do with my class

cards, and art, and notes, and pictures, and colors, and books

30 minutes to decide what to take

 i filled my bags with toys and books and art and puppets

 anything i thought might make my kinder feel a sense of comfort

as i teach them from afar and show them familiar things

 it was hard to close the door on the year

 knowing i will stay connected to each of them

but also knowing

something will be lost

in not spending my school days

sharing a room with them.

“time flies over us, 

but leaves its shadow behind. “

-nathaniel hawthorne

the teacher is the learner.


what an honor and a pleasure

it was

to have spent two days 

with intelligent caring educators from many places 

coming together 


share, discuss, question, wonder, listen,

learn from each other

about leading

 respectful, compassionate, joyful, creative, curious, playful, democratic classrooms

for young children

where they begin

to discover and grow a love of learning

about the world near and far

every experience

preparing them for what is beyond

this comforting place

they call school.


“the limit of your present understanding

is not the limit of your possibilities.”

-guy finley

classroom pet. part deux.



we did not give up


our sea monkeys

never hatched


did not live

to rule the kingdom

of kindergarten

and now

we’ve welcomed

‘lobo’ the fish

yes, it means wolf

named by

our spanish teacher

whose only pet was a dog

and ‘lobo’

feels like

what a pet means

to her

and to us

and we tried

to make

his new home

look like the ocean

and sparkle like the sea

and say hi to him each day

and feed him when he’s ready

and invite him to nap when we do

and let him hear us singing and playing

and give him clean water when he needs it

and we hope


is as tough

as a wolf dog

and lives

a happy life

with us

for a long time.


do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly,

don’t tell them where they know the fish.

– mark twain