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into the universe.


heading out on a rainy day

to explore, discover things, and learn

in the much larger classroom of the universe. 


“the universe is a great university.”

-sai baba



as we made our way through the jungle of giant leaves, 

only one of us spotted a tiger and we looked out for each other.

“on a hard jungle journey nothing is so important as having a team you can trust.”
― tahir shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ― ralph waldo emerson



we went outside

on a class hike

 touched stuff

 picked up things

 fell down



 played in the water

saw some pretty little stuff

and saw some big and beautiful stuff


and tried to figure out

how to get way up there


 then we found this


think it was a message

left for us

and decided it was true

 and our adventure

was even better.


land is the secure ground of home, the sea is like life,

the outside, the unknown.

– stephen gardiner