Monthly Archives: November 2015

it’s universal children’s day. celebrate it every day.



grandbaby b and i shared the wonder

of the magic snow that came from the ceiling 

at her very first real play,

the grinch.

i think, at a child’s birth,

if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift,

that gift would be curiosity.

– eleanor roosevelt


birthday suit.



mg took me out

for a big birthday night

relaxed fancy dinner

4 star restaurant



great company.

we looked up the dress code

before leaving home

and were so very pleasantly surprised.

Dress Code
We want all of our guests to feel comfortable.

Therefore, all guests must comply with our dress code.

Anyone found in violation will be required to leave.

• No see-through clothing
• No exposed private parts
• No offensive material or language
• No visible undergarments

we wondered what must have happened for them

to have felt the need put this code in place.

and it also

 really put a damper on my planned ensemble.

‘good humor is one of the best articles of dress

one can wear in society.’

– william makepeace thackeray