“i’m hoping this matter will not involve my eagerness to help you.”- joel


and yet another encounter with a customer service rep 

this was the rest of our live chat conversation

once joel and i reached an impasse with no solution:

Joel: Still with me?
Me: yes
Joel: Will there be anything else I can assist you with?
Me: no, thank you anyway
Joel: I’m hoping that this matter will not involve my eagerness to help you.
Joel: Hope you had a great rest of your day.

(somehow i really had hoped that joel would have involved his eagerness to help me…)

“patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen

in a different order

than the one you have in mind.”

― david g. allen

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  1. Oh, the stories I could share… Don’t know where you got the ape, but he’s perfect! And count your blessings. At least you got to not have your problem solved by an oxygen-breathing being. I always get a canned message, at least for the first half hour…

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  2. It almost sounds like some technical robot badly translated what Joel had to say.

    As someone who has spent almost 30 years in jobs that involve customer service, I am so disappointed when I hear these stories. And yet I’m not surprised. Thank goodness you have patience. It’s a shame that you need it when you’re supposed to expect to be served, not deserted to fend for yourself.

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  3. Great picture, funny original words by you. The quotation was great to sum it all up, Beth.
    I like to give feedback when they call me after their round-about attempts to please me, the customer. There are some great service people out there. 🙂 I could tell you of two who were great and only one who stands out as very disappointing.

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