worth more.


try as he might

my colleague was not able to convince anyone

to steal from him

or trade with him

 for this monstrosity of a white elephant gift 

that he randomly chose

at our faculty holiday party

it was as huge as a shield, very heavy, and not the most beautiful

(even said on the back that it was microwaveable,

but would not come anywhere near fitting

into any microwave i’ve ever seen,

and was edged in metal)

but we did laugh about it the entire time

and that is certainly worth something. 

‘the manner of giving is worth more than the gift.’      

-pierre corneille

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  1. Here is what I hope happens, because it will long continue the laughs…..everyone in that room will have an event or happening at some point in the future where they think…..daggone it, I wish I had that white elephant gift right NOW it would be perfect! (disclaimer, I cannot think of what that may be, but I hope it happens and the future is dotted with continued laughs).

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  2. oh yep! I see myself with the belongings of a lifetime, in about 2 months moving abroad (respectively returning to our home country), with all this stuff accumulated from 3 houses, moved several times, 3 international….. PLENTY of white elephants (far more beautiful ones though, sadly, still elephants!) and now planning the removal to a humble, small(ish) rental flat….. I can only hope that laughter in my throat is not getting totally stuck over this challenging period.

    (Great story – and I thought too – WHAT – microwavable? Are there any microwaves as big as this?)

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  3. He could use as a platter for cookies or donuts or something for the next school event, and then accidentally leave it. . .or even better bring it to someone’s house for a party. Oh no, that’s OK. I don’t need it back. 🙂

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  4. At my office, we had a cement (life size) donkey head that was solemnly entered as a Secret Santa present every year. No packaging could disguise it, and no “winner“ ever kept it. As head of HR, I realised that it was the single biggest retention tool we had—no donkey head owner ever wanted to leave the company until after the next years Secret Santa.

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  5. Lol, worst White Elephant gift I’ve seen was a couple of cans of canned oysters… They were wrapped so nicely that someone fell for it, he tried to convince people that they should steal from him… no one fell for it, just like in yours 🙂

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