as we watched 

the big kids perform

‘a christmas carol’

the kinder 

kept whispering

and asking 

‘why is that man so mean?’

‘why is he so crabby?’ 

‘how can he be that mean?’

I told them that later in the play

mr. scrooge’s heart will grow

and he will learn to be nice 

just like what happened to the grinch

 it made my own heart grow

 to think about

their innocence 

their naturally kind and compassionate state of being

how they could not even begin to imagine

why someone would choose to be mean.

‘i think being nice is more important than being clever.’

-ricky gervais


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  1. I don’t mean to be a downer but part of my reaction to things like this is to ask what goes wrong in the growing up process for so many people to veer far from innocence and become the adults they are. Even if they are still able to identify something as mean, they do little or nothing about it. Not that I’m out there fighting against everything I think is wrong.

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  2. It’s so good to see the littles understand the difference between being nice and mean. Being “mean” has a lot to do with a person’s life experiences or their inability to see the good stuff past the crappy stuff that happens to them. Let’s hope there are more nice people in this world than the alternative. Happy holidays, Beth.

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