keep the heart touchable.


doing virtual early childhood parent-teacher conferences online

did not feel natural

but i give parents so much credit

some went to elaborate lengths

to find a space and time

where their child wouldn’t find them

so we could openly talk

and share stories

about how their child

touched our hearts this year

we talked to parents

in a closet, in a basement, up in an attic room,

and those who sent their child off on an errand

some waited until their child was asleep at night

but one thing was the same

this was a wonderful group of supportive, think-on-their-feet parents

who kept our connection with their children going

even from a distance

as we all navigated our way through this uncharted territory

and we were so lucky to have them as our teaching and learning partners this year.


“in a world where the great technologies enable us to record, replay, cut and paste, zoom in, and delete –

listening is the crucial commitment to keep the heart touchable.”

-mark nepo




photo credit: bored panda

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  1. I loved this one, Beth; I was a teacher in my former life, though being secondary, we only got to see the parents on parent-teacher nights but that was still valuable. And yes, beyond the technology, matters of the heart are paramount; I hope our senior public service ackowledge this

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  2. A wonderful versed style and an entertaining subject. It is interesting to see how much things have changed since the pandemic, and how many things, though different in the how’s, still hold onto all the original why’s. Great post, Beth! (And, I am not sure why, but I can’t look at that picture and not laugh)

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    • thanks, brad. I don’t know if my style would ever fit into any sort of form, but somehow it spills on to a page. ) I loved the pic too, it really showed the challenge of hiding in plain sight with limited options –

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  3. Of course Beth I’m too old to be one of those parents, but tonight I was lucky enough to at my friends house, Who have experiencing their home teaching duties…..and our conversation was all positive about how this current situation has brought more understanding and appreciation into their family circle…

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  4. I love how you included all sides of the screen + life in your post! As a psychology professor, I am now responsible for teaching 500+ college and university students online right now. A struggle AND an opportunity for growth. For all members of the audience. Thank you again for this post Beth. Once again, you shed light and love. Wishing you a wonderful day! Andrea ❤

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  5. And I am sure the parents feel grateful for having someone as kind and caring as you as their kid’s teacher. And I admire how parents seemed to have adapted so well to such a drastic change in routine.

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  6. Here’s to the teachers, who make it work somehow and to the parents who are trying to keep things as normal as possible. I love the Nepo quote, Beth. To learn, we first have to be good listeners.


  7. Terrific! It’s an “upside down” world right now, but in a strange way, even with the economic and health crisis around us, it has helped re-connect us. I just wish it wasn’t due to such a devastating virus.

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  8. And gratitude to the teachers who whispered to not wake sleeping children, or laughed when the meeting didn’t go as planned, or stayed up late to accommodate parents working or putting children to bed, and went to certain measures to help the parents help their children through this chaotic time. ❤


  9. Lovely, Beth! It is unnatural and hard for all teachers, and parents, and especially the children. We are planning a big visit with each child in a few weeks, delivering their year-end portfolios, reading, singing, and just ‘being’- at a distance, of course. I’ll have a permanent lump in my throat, for sure.

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