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on day 5 with no power

when i log onto their site

to check on the status

i wonder

how many people 

are choosing to click on 

the ‘make payment’ option.

“information can bring you choices and choices bring power –

educate yourself about your options and choices. never remain in the dark of ignorance.”

-joy page




grandies j & b make tough decisions. 


in the end

it was

the magic collapsable cup and the fairies

that won them over.

both are helpful in emergencies


you never know when you will need them.

brilliant choices.

“you know, in life there are only three or four

fundamental decisions to make.

the rest is just luck.”

-raymond aubrac



penguins running toward each otherhad a little caucus practice

with my class of kinders

to help them

to understand

the process.

they all began by

standing on one side


somewhere in the middle.

we also had two happy monkeys,

curious george on one side


soft cuddly monkey on the other.

each made big promises,

each told

what they would do for the kinders

if they picked them.

each worked

to get the kinders on their side.

one promised 

ice cream every day

one promised 

3-hour recesses

one promised 

no naps


on and on

went the promises.

and the littles


back and forth

back and forth

as they heard

the promises made.


one stood alone


never wavered

knowing what she wanted

and what she believed in

right from the beginning.

no naps.



when it was over

and the rest

had run

back and forth


back and forth,

she was still standing

where she began.

stronger than ever



wide awake.


the decisions you make are a choice of values

that reflect your life in every way.

– alice waters

credits: googleimages

the talent is in the choices. – robert de niro



forgot my list again

let’s see….

so many choices

glue sticks


sunflower seeds


dental floss

chap stick

lint rollers

hair bands


i know

i’m forgetting something

so many choices

oh, that’s right

the pregnancy test

last minute

impulse buying

at its finest.

look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it.
– pat riley

making the turn



headed out to the gym yesterday to workout and watch the big game. the university of michigan wolverines were playing basketball against our instate rivals, the michigan state spartans. i figured i’d serve myself up a little pleasure with my pain. 


as i got closer to the gym, i noticed that it was surrounded by an astounding number of opposing choices: taco bell, burger king, cottage inn pizza, noodles, mcdonalds, gourmet garden chinese, castle liquor store, subway, zingerman’s roadhouse. i could almost imagine my chalupa and mexican pizza and a cold beer.

or, there was –

 the gym. 


it would have been so easy to accidentally turn into one of those other driveways, and then the next hour would be spent indulging in food and drink heaven instead of in gym hell. 

i made the turn. 

and when i found myself in the gym, i was not disappointed, and knew i had made the right choice. there were father/sons, couples, singletons, and people of every shape and size and color imaginable. what we all had in common, was the turn we made to get there.

the familiar maize and blue home team shirts were everywhere, and people cheered while on the elliptical, treadmill, with weights, and bars, and balls, and machines. it was a great first half. and while i can’t say where everyone went for the second half, the wolverines played a magnificent game, and  we won in the end. go blue! sometimes, it’s just a matter of choosing the right driveway. and if i happen to turn into the taco bell driveway next time, so be it. 


One might as well try to ride two horses moving in different directions,

as to try to maintain in equal force two opposing or contradictory sets of desires.

 Robert Collier

image credits: michigan daily, oldtowneast.com, sweethorseranch.com