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who wouldn’t buy from these six?

not many customers were available

 and most who stopped by

had no money on them

so they changed their marketing plan

 added music, dance, costumes

 even an impromptu wedding


after drinking away

much of the merchandise

everyone still made a profit

not bad for a day’s work.

“if life gives you lemons, don’t settle for simply making lemonade – make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand.”

-elizabeth gilbert

always welcome.


the ponies and friends all came out for the dance party

this time is was a love fest and tea

everyone was welcome

all colors, sizes, shapes and species 

they were in their finest fancy fashions

and ready to have fun.

one pony told them she didn’t want to come

because it looked like a boring party

they were kind of sad but then they thought

maybe some other ponies had been mean to her once

and she was just acting that way

because she didn’t want to get her feelings hurt again

so they invited her back and showed her how to be nice.

“kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.”

-amelia barr

special ops.



such a wild adventure

grandie m’s 9th birthday fun


special ops teams, nerf guns, fairy bread, burger bar, headbands, sunglasses and laughs


one powerful team member even offered a great tip

when she warned me:

“never trust a panda with a gun.”

lesson learned. 

‘it’s all fun and games ’till someone loses an eye, then it’s just fun you can’t see.”

-james hetfield

“the limits of my language means the limits of my world.” -ludwig wittgenstein



grandie b

read her book to us

out loud

proud and confident


younger grandie j

watched and listened


when she was done

he said

 he was happy she could read the words

but he seemed 


little bit




because he wasn’t sure how to read yet



he had an idea


i saw

the lightbulb go on

just before

he announced 

that he would 

‘read his book to us in spanish’.


he proceeded to 

show us the cover

as he

read us the title

and then



each and every page 

in his version of spanish

taking his time

nodding and facing the book towards us 

turning the pages

at appropriate times

pointing out the pictures

all while 

happily smiling


 chattering away

in a his brand new version of spanish

that was so very, very advanced 

that we

the listeners

didn’t even 

know the translations

but we understood

that he was proud


he was reading


when he was finished

he snapped his book shut

and said

in english

“that’s all.”


muy bien, and gagglesmithjong kipisanlomita paskajonti to you!!


“if you want to talk about something new,

you have to make up a new kind of language.”

-haruki murakami


breakfast of champions.



two of the grandies

at a fun run

went many, many laps 

to raise money 

for their school

with snack breaks

from their dish of

 marathon-friendly foods

donuts, dogs, n’ cheetos

with a

chaser of cider.

what could go wrong?

“food should be fun.”

-thomas keller

the start of more.



at the library

tucked into the honeycombs

reading and chatting

grandie r

sees a little girl

who wanders over

and she says to her, 

“i’m four and i have some friends from school

but i just need one more and it should be you.”

she answers,

“okay, i’m four too and i’m mira,”

then she climbs on in

and that is how they became new friends.

“every new friend is a new adventure…

the start of more memories.”

-patrick lindsay




and in a tiny shop, 

filled with delicate treats

ice cream, cookies, cakes, and sweets

who better to sell these lovely delights

than a shining unicorn-

so brave and full of light?

“there are wild elephants in the country,

and numerous unicorns which are nearly as big,..”

–marco polo

my poem is dedicated

to my very young grandie, v,

who is an amazing artist

with a boundless imagination. 

may you always have

magical unicorns in your life.

love, peaches




feeding the team while on the road and riding

(using parade candy found on the ground along the route).

” it would be easier if this didn’t start off in slow motion going up a hill and behind a lot of tractors and dogs and babies.”

– felix  (australia/u.s.a.) – team porter

– grandson and famous parade rider

team sky

feeding the team while on the road and riding

(using lab-tested high protein super food).

“i hope to continue doing well in the final stages. it’s good to hear that people have noticed i’m in the race too, even if i prefer to let my legs do the talking.

-fabio aru (astana) – team sky

– some guy who is just a tour de france rider