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pie for breakfast.


used the berries we picked

to make a strawberry pie for breakfast

what a fine way to begin a day.

“to whoever invented fantasy, redwood trees, and pie for breakfast; well done.”

-dr sun wolf





j. leach

local english teacher and writer

has launched

a wonderful new business in my town called,

‘why not pie?’

it’s a virtual bakery

where she

creates homemade pies

each week

for pickup or delivery.

she’ll try most any flavor you request

using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

this is really a win-win situation in my eyes

and i can’t wait to try one.

or more.


if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe.

– carl sagan

credits: current magazine, reddit.com, whynotpie.com