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postman’s rest.


 A Little Wild Spot. The ramshackle old house pictured above, unoccupied for two years at the time this photo was taken in 1966, was Anne Mueller’s “rough box.” After her death at the age of 85, her wildflower garden on the corner was deeded to the city for a park. The house now gone, Postman’s Rest Park, was named as a tribute to Norm Kern and Bob Schlupe, the mail carriers who stopped each day to see that “Annie” was all right when she was widowed and left without family in her later years. (ann arbor news, 1972)

1972 postman’s rest park 2017 postman’s rest park

during my visit to this tiny park

situated on a quiet and peaceful corner

in a tree-lined neighborhood

filled with old bungalows, gardens, and lawns

i sat in the swing for a while

taking it all in

looking around

at the greenery and wildflowers

there was a very special

warm and welcoming feeling

i wanted to know more about this lovely space

and was so pleasantly surprised

to discover its touching story

a pioneering newspaperwoman, ann mueller

 left this beautiful space

where her wildflower garden had once bloomed

as a tribute to those who cared.

“take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

credits: news photo and caption – 1966 ann arbor news,  jack stubbs – 1972 ann arbor news




at the nature center for grandie v’s 6th birthday celebration

the scientist helps us to measure our wingspans

before we take a stroll outside to find this beautiful bird

rescued and healing a broken wing

 whose wingspan we hope will return one day

and we are grateful to have our wings.

“happiness makes up for height for what it lacks in length.”

-robert frost

one from many.



i recently made a wonderful discovery

when playing with a couple of my grandies 

at the park across the street from my house.

the people in my local community

who visit the park or live nearby 

have begun

to purposely

leave toys behind 

for any and all children to play with.

what a simple, powerful, and generous act

 what an amazing way to teach children gratitude


the importance

of sharing what we have

with others in the world

who may not have as much. 

“the essence of community, its heart and soul,

is the non-monetary exchange of value;

things we do and share because we care for others,

and for the good of the place.”

― dee hock, One from Many

kind people.


 to all of the kind people who i met along the way

IMG_5504 (1)

keiran, who helped me navigate my way to ireland


bronwyn, who shared adventures with me

unnamed-1 (1)

karen, who shared more adventures






the morgan clan,  who treated me like one of their own


robin, the keeper of the castle 


all of the many strangers

who i crossed paths with


 who became friends 

like tric, my long lost irish sister

welcoming me 

into their

homes, villages, fields, seas,

castles, towns, farms, churches, hotels,

gardens, inns, pubs, and country manors 


and of course

the friendly barkeepers

who were always there and ready to help

with questions answered

and shared stories

wherever i happened to land

i am truly grateful to one and all for making it so special for me. 

“in everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

it is then burst into flame by an encounter

with another human being.

we should all be thankful

for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

– albert schweitzer 


the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. – ralph waldo emerson



today is the day. 

my blog has grown

from one acorn of one word

into a forest of 1000 posts of all colors.

i am humbled

and thankful

for all of you 

who have taken 

the time 





share ideas

be featured

ask questions


offer your kind thoughts to me.

it has meant all the difference.

image credit: supersweet.org