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‘bad things do happen in the world,

like war, natural disasters, disease. 

but out of those situations always arise

stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.’

-daryn kagan

for all who suffer as a result of the disasters


for all who arise to do extraordinary things to help. 




image credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif- East Texas


don’t forget.


what a lovely coincidence

that on this day

as i continue on my city parks journey

and drive through a neighborhood

i am lost


i come to the intersection of

pamela and patricia

the names of

my two sisters

one still with us

 one gone forever

and today –

her birthday

i look ahead to find

they’ve led me

to the beautiful park right in front of me.

“don’t forget to leave your handprints on the ones you love

and your footprints around the neighborhood.”
― lisa c. miller

for irish katie –



for irish katie who loved the world


left way too early


for her daughter rachel

who inspired 

the happy nods of her mother’s head


who carries on

under the beautiful light

of her mother’s smile.

“death leaves a heartache no one can heal,

love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

-from an irish headstone

– and for all of those who have loved and lost someone dear to them

county donegal, ireland

“like father, like daughter. i’m not surprised.” – carol maturo



watched an episode 

of this iconic show 

in honor of my late father’s birthday.

he told me a secret

about this agency

when i was young.

one day

he showed me his special

man from u.n.c.l.e. card.

told me not to tell anyone.

i was always fascinated by the world of spies.

made perfect  sense to me

i thought advertising was his cover

why he traveled so much. 

told everyone i knew immediately

 told them not to tell anyone.

 they told everyone they knew immediately

with the same request.

when i got married

i asked him about it.

he told me

that he thought 

i had figured it out long ago. 

we laughed for a long time.

he had

the most incredible imagination


he always made me laugh.

 i still laugh

even when i think about him now.

happy trails, nacho.




as suddenly as

nacho the cat not the food

stepped into our lives

and became family

he has exited once more.

last night he slept

calm and close

purring and cuddling

warm fur soft and gentle.

tonight it will be quiet.

we are made better

for having known him


he’ll be

remembered for

his sense of humor

 his friendly ways


his love of life.

we will all miss him dearly.

adios amigo.

until we meet again.

“there is no death. only a change of worlds.”

– chief seattle

miss you little cowboy



our perfect day 

set out on an adventure

shared by

kindred spirits


up to the top 

of the  

empire state building


both had always wanted to 

never had –

found our chance

saw it and looked

in amazement

at the world around us


next stop

a favorite park

playing in the autumn sun


 sat by the water

talked about life

 all the important things


scooby doo, spiderman, 

stuffed monkeys, 

people we love,

holidays, colors,

magic, fairies


calm and peaceful

took coins

kissed them and made wishes


tossed them in

watched them sink

as ripples moved

away from them


he asked me

what is your wish?

i shared


breaking the code of secrecy 

that goes with all wishes

just this once

for this very special reason


my wish –

that you never feel sick again

(it’s been 2 long years)

and that we will share so many, many

perfect days


just like this one

i asked him

what is your wish?

he shared

breaking the rules

just this once


his wish

so powerful

i sat

just listening



from the lips of

this 5 year old boy

who has endured 

so much more 

than most adults

in their entire lifetime

ever will


old soul trapped in a child’s body

his wish


the most amazing response

my wish 

he said

in that most innocent of voices

is that all of YOUR wishes come true

 we sat

in silence

looking at each other

both understanding

this would be our last perfect day together

we knew

these were our gifts

to each other

that we would always keep

gifts given

in their purest form

each only

for the other

we shared a moment

now held within us forever

on this,

our perfect day.

dedicated to my nephew h, who passed away soon after, (november 1, 2006), on a perfect autumn day.