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going for the gold.


n-LEGO-large570 LEGO bricks may not come in floral prints or white wicker textures, but that hasn’t stopped golden girls enthusiasts from making their desire to see dorothy, rose, blanche, sophia—and yes, even stan—turned into tiny plastic playthings.

as part of the LEGO Ideas initiative, in which fans submit and vote on each other’s proposals for new LEGO sets, samuel hatmaker (a “lifelong LEGO fan who works in product development and marketing and goes by the handle lostsleep) has put forth a proposal for a mashup that would reconstruct the foyer, living room, and kitchen of the ladies’ fictional florida bachelorette pad. but with a quirky, fourth wall-breaking touch: the house would be constructed as a television set, with one wall removed.

even with 343 days left to go in the voting process, The golden girls lego set has already gotten the thumbs up from 10,000 supporters—the total number needed in order for LEGO to take the idea seriously.

next up is a LEGO Review, in which a team of designers and marketers evaluate its viability in the marketplace. if that goes well, the product goes into production to be sold around the world, with the creator earning both royalties and bragging rights.

“i have re-created many classic scenes from the show,” hatmaker explains, “including a visit from burt reynolds, rose shooting blanche’s vase, dorothy playing ‘grab that dough,’ and rose rescuing her teddy bear from a mean little girl.” clearly, the details of this proposed play set are in the hands of a true aficionado. which means that he did not forget the cheesecake.


credits: jennifer m. wood, mental floss magazine, lego ideas photo

lose your mind and come to your senses. – fritz perls



why is it



feel the need


turn up






foreign film





my language




a language

i don’t understand?


the five senses are the ministers of the soul. – leonardo da vinci

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moose and squirrel




image credit: abc television

with an excess of fruit left in the fields, the seasonal phenomenon of drunken animals has been reported all over the world. included in the mayhem are both moose and squirrels, who are experiencing crazy behavior as a result of indulging in a bit too much of these fermented treats. be on the lookout for animals behaving badly. 

You may have seen the story of the drunken Swedish moose (or elk, as they call the antlered behemoth in Sweden) that got stuck in a tree. “I thought at first that someone was having a laugh. Then I went over to take a look and spotted an elk stuck in an apple tree with only one leg left on the ground,” Per Johansson, who spotted the inebriated mammal in the garden next door to his house in Särö, told The Local. The moose likely got drunk eating apples fermenting on the ground and got stuck in the tree trying to get fresh fruit. “Drunken elk are common in Sweden during the autumn season when there are plenty of apples lying around on the ground and hanging from branches in Swedish gardens,” The Local states. 

Read more: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2011/09/the-alcoholics-of-the-animal-world/#ixzz2leeSf3UN 

and then there are the squirrels: 

This year was a bumper crop for local farmers that grow and sell pumpkins. They were able to sell loads of them, so they were able to pick and choose the best compared to last year when the summer was so dry the yield was much lower. So, a local farmer was telling me that he lets the ones that didn’t look as good rot in the fields and that it would be good for the soil and they would simply turn them back into the ground come spring. This year there was quite a few of them.

Well I guess a few squirrels decided they were good to munch on, and as they ferment they are like alcohol, so the squirrels are acting drunk afterwards. If you didn’t know that they had been into the pumpkin patch you would think it was some kind of horror movie when you see them trying to navigate, almost like zombies! He said he watched a few that finally just laid down for a while in the shrubs and most likely had to nurse a hangover, but they didn’t go for the pumpkins the next day! 

 “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” ~ Ernest Hemingway