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almost easter.



whipple-scrumptious fudgemallow delight

it’s almost easter – a great time to make wonka’s whipple-scrumptious fudgemallow delight with the chiddlers then?!

how to make a truly whipple-scrumptious sauce

for your ice cream sundae:

you will need:

an adult to help you
a saucepan
a large bowl of your favourite ice cream ready in the fridge
60g dark chocolate
1 cadbury’s crunchie or similar chocolate bar
60g butter
80g dark brown sugar
150ml double cream
8 marsmallows
what you need to do:

break the chocolate and the crunchie into large chunks

and set to one side.

in a saucepan, over a low heat, melt together

the butter, sugar and cream.

stir until all the sugar is dissolved.

turn the heat up and continue stirring for 10 minutes.

be careful, as it gets very hot and can splutter.

use a very long wooden spoon or a tall adult with a long arm.

turn the heat down again.

get your bowl of ice-cream from the fridge.

put the marshmallows, chocolate and crunchie into the saucepan,

stir around once and pour over your ice-cream.

“‘Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight!'” cried Grandpa George. ‘It’s the best of them all! You’ll just love it!'” – From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – roald dahl



when life gives you eggs, turn them into mimosas



     it was the worst easter ever, that somehow turned into one of my best and most memorable. back in my cocktail waitress/student days, the owner of our bar decided we should be open and all work on easter. well all, except for him. he was not known for his people skills and did not care that we each had people who we’d rather be spending the holidays with waiting at home, or that no one was going to set foot in our bar on easter.

     after a couple of hours went by, with absolutely no customers of course, and hanging out and talking about how much we despised the owner for forcing us to do this, we decided to take matters into our own hands. the cook made up a mini buffet for us,  we whipped up a batch of mimosas, and headed to our upstairs balcony room, where we’d have a view of the door if anyone happened to actually wander in.


     our d.j. put on music,

(you never know who will stop in on easter morning for a dance, so of course it was mandatory that he worked too),

turned on the tv, took off our shoes, sat around a  big table, played poker,

and watched the ten commandments together.


we ate, and drank, and talked, and laughed, and figured the movie was our spiritual experience for the day.


and moses looked down at us from the mountain as we upped the ante and raised a glass to him.

and i think we broke a lot of his commandments.

now that, is an easter.


Time for work – yet take much holiday for art’s and friendship’s sake

                                                                                                                              George De Wilde 

rise up! i am now officially afraid of easter.



while looking for holiday lesson ideas to share with my kinder class, i stumbled upon this one from a home-schooling page online. i must say i found it terrifying.

‘jesus in the tomb – cooking lesson’

‘jesus said he would rise from the dead in 3 days. he rose in 3 days.’

supplies needed: crescent rolls, marshmallows, cinnamon, margarine

directions: take one marshmallow and dip it in margarine. roll it in cinnamon. have the children place it inside of the center of the triangle of dough. have them fold the dough around the marshmallow so that the marshmallow is ‘buried’ in its tomb. bake according to the crescent roll package directions. have the children take the role of the guards at jesus’ tomb. have them stand guard at the oven. take the rolls out of the tomb (oven) and let the cool. the marshmallows will be gone, just like jesus’ body was gone!

other suggested lessons:

creative writing – have the children pretend to be reporters interviewing pontius pilate. ask him things like: why did you make your decision? were you pressured into it? have the children use their imagination to answer the questions.

art/literacy lesson – have them lay on large paper, trace them, and write across their chest – ‘jesus lives in me.’ 

food lesson – make easter sandwiches, crust symbolizes god, white is jesus, fillings are holy spirit. choose your fillings, can use red fillings to symbolize blood, share them, give thanks and enjoy!

after reviewing all of this, i opted to color eggs, hide them, show scary easter bunny pics, and eat a lot of chocolate.  

beware those with buck teeth, tall ears, big oval eyes, acrylic fur, and especially giant paws



took a few of the babies to have breakfast with the easter bunny. all was good, no one cried, they smiled and high-fived him, and much to my surprise, when we sat down on the bench next to him and huddled close for a picture, he pulled me closer and whoops – a side boob feel. awkward and score one for the giant fuzzy nerd. even worse, i had to go back and give him one more hug to get a stuffed lamb for the baby who was at home sleeping. this easter season is off to a tremendous start!


 Many years ago, we had a company-wide vote for our company-wide mascot, and the choices came down to the Boston tree fern, beef tape worm and a llama. And somehow the llama won the vote.

(Will Wright)